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Why do I spin yarn? A friend asked that question on a video she made a few weeks ago. Now granted it wasn't to me in particular but it's been on my mind. So today I thought I would try & answer it.

Besides to creative aspect of it which I was drawn to in the beginning, who doesn't like making pretty things, right? I found a calming that started to develop. Now I'm not sure who can relate but in my case as a busy mom of four with various mental health/Autism/development issues finding time to sit & enjoy the quiet is a rare thing. Spinning yarn has become my meditation practice, my piece of time when I can slow down & reflect on the ever pops in my head or nothing at all.

Our world is so fragmented & it has been for a while so whatever joy & love I can bring is a gift I give myself & which I can happily say can be passed on to others by the handmade yarn, keepsakes/items I make. My hope for you reading this is that you can think on what brings you joy and helps you to slow down too.

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!

Chat soon,


Handspun yarn using a spindle

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