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Rabbits and Mulberries

I have been doing a lot of introspection lately as I'm sure most of us have. With the state of affairs I cant help but stay in my own bubble. I know I know.... just need to slow things down a bit. That being said, we have 2 Mulberry trees on our property. So this year I will be harvesting some and making homemade jam :) yum!

bowl of mulberries

I am in the beginning stages of collecting so cant show you the finished product of jam but when its done I'll definitely share.

Now mulberries are similar to raspberries just not as sweet. There are quite a few different varieties of Mulberry trees. Enter the bullet points.... 🙂

  • White mulberry tree also known as the silkworm mulberry because its a favorite food of the silkworm.

  • Red mulberry tree is a native to eastern & central North America. The fruit of this tree is rich and sweet.

  • Black mulberry this tree is native to southwestern Asia and Iberian Peninsula. Sometimes other mulberry species are confused with black-fruited individuals of the white mulberry.

Now your probably thinking what does this have to do with rabbits, right?! I bet you are....

I've come to find out that rabbits can too enjoy these little bundles of sweetness, but with everything there should be moderation. Rabbits are a lot like people some may like them and may not. I just love when I find new things to share with my buns.

Recently I started a new project & As I worked on it the other day. I realized,

I subconsciously chose the colors for this new lovely because of the berry colors. What a wonderful way the universe works, isn't it?😀 Feel free to leave me any stories you may have on my Facebook page I love to hear them.

Mulberry the bunny

I hope everyone had a safe & wonderful 4th of July weekend. Back to the yard I go. The Mulberries are calling... Talk soon!

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