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Down the Rabbit Hole- January 2023

Happy New Years Everyone!

I Hope you all had a great Holiday season. I can't believe it's January. I know this time of time brings up all sorts feelings & ideas. New goals, bucket lists, habits & the almighty weight lose trackers. lol

With this past Full moon on Saturday (all the feels), I did a lot of reflection about work-balance. How can I nourish you and serve you..... My thought for this month is to give you a lovely list of books that you or your child can read to help simplify our path. January is National Book month after all.

Starting our list off is

  1. Pagan Nursery Rhymes for kids- by Lisa Emerson

2. Rupert's Tales: The wheel of the year- Samhain, Yule, Imbolc & Ostara- by Kyrja

3. Rupert's Tales: The wheel of the year- Beltane, Litha, Lammas & Mabon- by Kyrja

4. Elise & Pooka Stories of Sabbats & Seasons- by Lora Craig

5. Strega Nona- by Tomie dePaola ( My kids loved this series )

6. Old Mother frost- by Jennifer Hartman

7. Aidan's First Full moon: A magical child story- by W. Lyon Martin

8. Old Turtle - by Douglas Wood (Classic)

9. Goodnight Moon- by Margaret Wise Brown (Classic)

10. The Willow Maiden- by Meghan Collins

These last two are for the little ones & or school age kids really.... helps with imagination & visualization.

11. Press Here- by Herve Tullet

12. Tap the magic tree- by Christie Matheson

Now as with all things with little ones please use your own understanding, common sense & open mindedness.

This list is by no means complete & I'm sure I left out some

I'd love the hear some of your or your kids favorite titles are in the comments below.

Can I have a bowl of soup, please?

This time of year, I seem to want to eat everything out of bowl. There's something so comforting about it..... so are some yummy soups that will warm up

your little ones & nourish yourself as well.

🍜 Here is a classic chicken noddle soup with a twist.

  1. Made with love chicken noodle soup (GF, DF) Now you can make this with traditional pasta noodles.

2. This one was a personal favorite for me growing up, Spaghetti O's.... 😊 but its a lot healthier.

3. This one is a fun one! Miso Alphabet Soup

I' am trying this one for my youngest this weekend!

Last but not least... The makes... I decided with it being January and all, Organizing & bookmarks were the way to go 😀

I found this pattern for a hanging basket from winding road crochet she has a lot of really cute things.

This is my take on it using commercial spun 100% wool, That I hand-dyed with onion skins

Its a really fast make & you can choose from a rainbow of colors to match any room.

You can hang them anywhere. In the kitchen for loose garlic or onions. I also like using it to hold the mail & my keys. Next on my list is this little book mark I found on Pinterest. Click the link I used a worsted weight cotton yarn in red for this one.

That's it for now my friends. Hope you enjoy this post. Until next time.

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