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Dive into the playful charm of our Hand-Dyed Pink & White Angora Stripe Yarn, a whimsical addition to the Angora Crafted, LLC collection that captures the essence of joy and creativity. This enchanting yarn intertwines the softest shades of pink with crisp, clean white in a delightful dance of colors, reminiscent of cotton candy skies at dusk. Each skein is carefully hand-dyed, ensuring a unique blend of hues that will bring a touch of magic to your knitting, crocheting, or weaving projects. Crafted from the finest angora fibers, this yarn promises an unrivaled softness and warmth, making it perfect for creating cozy garments, charming accessories, or special gifts that wrap your loved ones in luxury and affection. Let our Pink & White Angora Stripe Yarn inspire your next masterpiece, and weave a story of beauty and craftsmanship into every creation.

Pink & White stripes

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