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Discover the enchanting allure of our Hand-Dyed Purple Angora Fiber, a jewel in the crown of Angora Crafted, LLC's artisanal collection. Each fiber is meticulously dyed by hand, achieving a depth of purple that dances between the delicate whispers of lavender fields and the regal presence of twilight skies. This luxurious angora, known for its unparalleled softness and warmth, invites your hands to create with a material as rich in color as it is in heritage.


Our purple angora fiber is not just yarn; it's a story woven into the very threads of your creations, be it a dreamy shawl, a whimsical hat, or a piece that speaks the language of your imagination. Angora Crafted, LLC is dedicated to offering fibers that inspire your craft and connect you to the beauty of the natural world. Let our Hand-Dyed Purple Angora Fiber be the muse for your next masterpiece, a testament to the magic of handcrafted artistry.

Hand-Dyed Purple Angora Fiber

1 Ounce
Excluding Sales Tax
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