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Crafted from the finest quality angora, our fiber is as soft as it is sustainable, offering an unparalleled texture that is both luxurious and gentle to the touch. The verdant hues of our green angora are inspired by the myriad shades of nature — from the tender shoots of new grass to the deep, mysterious tones of ancient forests. This spectrum of green not only captures the essence of renewal and growth but also brings a piece of the natural world into your creative endeavors.

Perfect for knitting, crocheting, or weaving, our Hand-Dyed Green Angora Fiber is versatile enough to bring your most imaginative projects to life. Whether you're crafting a cozy scarf to ward off the spring chill, a delicate shawl that whispers of summer evenings, or a bespoke piece that speaks directly to your soul, our angora fiber offers a canvas for your creativity.

Hand-Dyed Green Angora Fiber

1 Ounce
Excluding Sales Tax
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