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Down the Rabbit Hole / A LITTLE INTRODUCTION

First and foremost, thank you so much for taking a few moments to check out my first post!

I wanted to give a little introduction and show the purpose of this blog. The idea from this blog is to show more behind the scene look into Angora Crafted, LLC. More information about what materials I use, updates on progress with different products & projects, to show my journey with spinning, dyeing yarn, rabbits and to basically share my thoughts & even a recipe or two. There are many ideas hopping around my head, so we will see where this rabbit hole leads us.

Over the past few years as I started on my fiber journey, I have really fallen in love with handspun yarn. I absolutely love the way it feels, works up in patterns, in woven tapestries & crochet/knitting. When it comes to my handspun yarn it is truly about the rabbits. When I realized I could raise and care for my own fiber buddy it was a total game changer.

This is Twix he is an Angora Rabbit. He is a very sweet boy, I was lucky enough to acquire him & his brother Gizmo about 3 years ago from Stephanie over at Razzle Dazzle Rabbitry & Yarns, LLC. She has a wealth of knowledge on Angora Rabbits, spinning traditional as well as art yarns.

She truly honors our craft by the amount of love & passion she puts into her bunnies.

My goal is to learn everything I could about caring for and shearing Angora bunnies. It is definitely a learning experience, but the connection with the bunnies is priceless & of course also loads of fun. It's a fact that Angora fiber is seven times warmer than sheep wool. My rabbits get haircuts every three months or so because they are German Angoras. If you would like to know more about the different breeds of Angora rabbits this is a good site for a quick guide

To the right is an example of some of my earlier yarns, its a mix of Angora with recycled silk threads & on the bottom here is a picture of different tapes of fiber in there raw states.

My journey is ever evolving with adding plants & or acid dyes to the fiber/yarn which now added the rainbows of color, See why I am calling this blog " Down the rabbit hole😃"Anyway... Since I have always had a deep love and connection with the environment, I do what I can to recycle, reduce, and reuse. Am I perfect Nope, but I do what I can.

That's it for now. Not sure where this blogging thing will go but if you stick around I'm sure it will be anything but boring 😂

Chat Soon! Diana

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